Fly Food Service

The Fly Food Kitchen, situated in the basement of the IMP building, provides Vienna fly groups with media required for maintaining Drosophila stocks. The Fly Food Kitchen has a high capacity and volumes of up to 240 Litres of fly media can be produced per day, with a total of 1,389,700 small tubes and 132,192 bottles produced in 2015.

The following kinds of fly media are available:

  • "Normal" media (our standard recipe), which is suitable for most Drosophila stocks, can be ordered with or without Nipagin (anti-fungal protection).
  • "Powerfood", equivalent to Nutri-Fly™ "German Food" Sick Fly Formulation (Genesee Scientific), is a rich media on which flies will produce lots of progeny, so it is especially suitable for weak stocks. Powerfood can be made available by special request.

We provide fly food by the box: one box holds 100 tubes or 36 bottles. Tubes/bottles (polypropylene) can be ordered plugged (with cotton wool) or unplugged, with or without dry yeast added.

Fly media is currently available to Vienna Biocenter researchers and other fly groups in the Vienna region who are able to collect the media themselves. Fly media orders placed by Friday evening will be made available in the following week. Media is delivered to the cold room (K14A) and, due to limited space, should be collected promptly from there.

For special requests and further information contact Franziska Stransky, Head of the Fly Food Kitchen (

VDRC "Normal" Fly Food Media Recipe

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