VDRC ID 60100
Library RNAi-TK (RNAi-TK)
Construct ID 60100
CG Number (r6.01)
FlyBase gene number
Hairpin Length
ON Targets 0
OFF Targets 0
Left Primer empty
Right Primer empty
Template genomic
Sequence EMPTY
Genotype Landing site VIE-260B, insertion on the 2nd chromosome at position 22019296 (5` to CR33987), for more details | y,w[1118];P{attP,y[+],w[3`]
Comment Annotated insertion: landing site VIE-260B (position chr2L: 22019296, cytological band 40D3) and a previously non-annotated insertion: (position chr2L: 9437482, cytological band 30B3). See for more details.