Fly Extract

VDRC produces “Fly Extract” from young OregonR adult flies - an essential component for culturing many insect cell lines derived from ovaries or imaginal discs (eg. Drosophila OSS, OSC, Cl.8R, CME L1).

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VDRC ID CG# Library Synonym
108382 CG5771 KK Rab11
106882 CG13565 KK Orcokinin
103736 CG11144 KK mGluR
31198 CG10198 GD Nup98-96
318255 CG11064 fTRG apolipophorin
330507 CG17520 shRNA casein kinase IIα
340008 none HD_CFDtools UAS-FRT-mEGFP-FRT-uM-Cas9
340002 none HD_CFDtools UAS-uMCas9