Other Resources

The VDRC is a non-profit repository for biological materials and maintains and transfers them as a service to the scientific community. In addition to maintaining and distributing transgenic fly stocks and plasmids owned by the VDRC, we also maintain resources owned by other organizations. These "Other Resources" are deposited with VDRC by a "Provider Scientist" and distributed to the scientific community by VDRC on behalf of the "Provider Organization" via the regular VDRC webshop.

Please acknowledge the appropriate people

In any publications or patent applications resulting from the use of "Other Resources" please be sure to give credit to the correct people. You must acknowledge the Provider as the source and VDRC as the supplier of the resource and cite relevant publications from the Provider Scientist in any publication.

Material deposited with VDRC by other "Provider Organizations", and which the "Provider Scientist" wishes to make available to registered VDRC users, can be found in the Other Resources section. The resources can be either transgenic flies or plasmid DNA and currently include mutant alleles, tagged constructs, RNAi lines, reporters and CRISPR/Cas9 plasmids.

A brief description of each resource, including its name, VDRC ID, Provider Scientist, Provider Organization and associated publications, is displayed by clicking on each library and further information about each resource can be found in its "Detailed View" by clicking on the VDRC ID.

From the Homepage http://www.vdrc.at you can browse Other Resources for a list of the currently available fly stocks and plasmids. Alternatively, you can use the "Quick Search" tool to search by resource name (such as the name given to the resource in an associated publication), VDRC ID, Provider Scientist or Provider Organization.

Log into the VDRC website with your user name and password. Any resources which are visible can be added to your shopping cart. "Other Resources", as for all VDRC resources, are charged based on the total number of items in your order (price scheme).

On first registering for a VDRC login, you will have signed the VDRC Animal Transfer Agreement. Since the "Other Resources" are not owned by VDRC, some can only be distributed if you have additionally signed an Animal Transfer Agreement (ATA) or Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) from the Provider Institution. A link to the ATA/MTA for a particular resource can be found under the Detailed View.

If you place an order for resources requiring a separate ATA/MTA you will see a check box at the "Final Checkout Review". You will be asked to acknowledge that you need to sign and return an ATA/MTA from the Provider Organization.

PLEASE NOTE: You will be invoiced for all items in your Shopping Cart but your entire order will remain on hold and VDRC will not begin preparing any of the items for shipping until the signed MTA is returned to VRDC. It is therefore in your interest to return the duly signed ATA/MTA as soon as possible so that we can activate your order. If you wish, you can speed up the process by accessing the appropriate ATA/MTA on the Detailed View and sending it to your legal representative before you place your order.

Please forward the ATA/MTA to a legally authorized signatory at your Organization (eg. Institute Director, Department Head, Legal Counsel, etc.), and return the signed MTA to VDRC as soon as possible.

Once the signed ATA/MTA has been received by VDRC your order will become active. Orders of 100 lines or less will be dispatched within 2 weeks of the ATA/MTA being received by VDRC. If you wish to remove the items requiring a new ATA/MTA, click on "View Cart" to delete the items from your Shopping Cart. You can then proceed with ordering the remaining items in your cart.

You will only have to sign an ATA and MTA for a particular Provider Organization once. Any subsequent orders for resources from the same Provider Organization will be covered and you will not be asked to sign the ATA/MTA a second time. The acknowledgement checkbox should no longer appear.