How to place a purchase order?

For your convenience, you now you have the possibility to place a Purchase Order (PO) with the VDRC on our stock center

  1. First, please contact our office via email and let us know how many lines approximately you would like to order, when you would like us to start shipping the lines and how many lines you would like to receive per week/month/ package,...
    The minimum number of items required for a PO is 300 items.

  2. Shortly after we receive your email, you will be contacted and receive a Purchase Order Code which you will need during the ordering process. This PO code is valid (1) for a single PO, (2) for your VDRC account, (3) for the number of items which you informed us via email and (4) expires after six months.

  3. After receiving the PO Code, you can log in to your VDRC account and start putting items in your shopping cart. We recommend uploading lists with Transformant IDs or CG-Numbers.

    Please do not upload lists with more than 5000 lines at once, higher numbers may slow down your computer and lead to a connection timeout! If you are interested in ordering a higher number of lines, please split the total list into several batches and upload the first part. Then put the first part in your shopping cart by pressing "Add All RNAi lines to Cart". Then upload the next batch and so on… Please be patient during the uploading step, this may take up to 2 minutes depending on your internet connection.


  4. Then you have the possibility to remove unwanted lines in the shopping cart view "View Cart". Just tick the unwanted lines and press "Remove Selected".


  5. So far it is the normal ordering process, but for orders of 300 items or less, when you press "Checkout", you will then have two options:

    • Payment via Credit Card
    • Payment via Wire Transfer (Purchase Order)

    For a PO, please fill in the "Purchase Order Code" which you received in advance from the VDRC office, in the prepared space in the "Payment Method Information" field. If you change your mind and prefer a credit card payment, just leave the field blank.

    For orders of >300 lines, you will only have the option of Wire Transfer.


    IMPORTANT! This field is only visible if you have already received a PO code. Otherwise you only have the option to pay via Credit Card.

    Please fill in the "Purchase Order Code" and press "Continue"

  6. On the next page "Final Checkout Review" you have a summary of all ordered lines and the price calculation. Please double check the Recipient Address, the Transportation Method and the total number of ordered lines. You still have the option to go back to the shopping cart view and remove preselected lines or add further lines to your shopping cart.

  7. If everything is correct, press "Submit Order". This final ordering step may also take up to 2 minutes depending on your internet connection. This will lead to the "Order Conformation" page where you see your OrderID which is very important to know whenever you contact us.

    VDRC gives full refund for all unsent/unavailable items. For preparing your credit note, please do not forget to provide us with the bank details of your institute (IBAN, BIC numbers and the owner of the account) via fax or email.

  8. During this procedure you will receive an automatic generated email from that your PO went through.

    If you now log in into your account and check your "Order History", you see that your recently placed PO is online, and the status is "Created". This means that your order is online, but we did not start filling and shipping.


    In the "Detail View" of your order, you now have the option to download an excel sheet which includes all ordered lines and also the current status of these lines (shipped, pending, filled,..)


  9. After we receive and check your order, we will send you the invoice for the PO by email.

  10. We start processing the order, as we get informed by our accounting department that the payment for the PO is through!
    Then the status of your order changes from "Created" to "Approved" and we start dispatching your lines.

  11. Whenever a part of your ordered lines is shipped, you will receive an email with the shipping details and the courier tracking number.