How to order DNA constructs?

  1. Log into VDRC website using your user name & password. If you do not have a user name yet please register first.

  2. You can search for the DNA constructs / fly stocks for the gene of interest by entering CG number, synonym or VDRC ID (using ’Quick Search’). For more detailed search please use the ’Advanced Stock Search Form’. If you want to order a large number of DNA constructs / fly lines you may find it convenient to use ’Search File Upload’.

  3. Please note that the VDRC IDs of DNA constructs start with ’dna...’. (e.g. dna10000)

  4. Submit your order and check out by providing your credit card information.

  5. You will receive an email confirmation with the invoice attached in PDF format.

  6. You can review all your ordered items (DNA constructs / fly lines) in your Order History.

You have the option to order the DNA constructs which we used to create our GD library. The available DNA constructs are in the section: Browse the P-Element DNA Construct Library (GD-DNA) on the VDRC website. Like the fly lines, you can order the DNA constructs by adding them to your shopping cart. The fee for sending constructs is the same as for our fly lines and if you combine fly lines and DNA constructs, you profit from the scaled price system.

If you now use the ’Search’ feature, you will get combined search results from fly lines and DNA construct libraries. You can easily distinguish between DNA constructs and fly lines by the VDRC ID. DNA constructs start with ’dna‚Ķ’ (e.g. dna3054 for gene CG32848). Of course you have the option to set filters for fly lines or DNA constructs to specify your search.

The DNA constructs will be shipped either in tubes or 96-well plates, depending on the total number of items ordered.

Delivery time for DNA constructs

Delivery time for orders containing DNA constructs only will be the same as for orders with fly lines only or a mixture of fly lines and DNA. Your order will be dispatched within 2 weeks if the total number of items is 300 or less. Dispatch time will be up to 6 weeks for orders above 300 items.

Details about the DNA constructs can be found under GD Protocols.