How to order stocks?

NEW: The ordering and payment procedure differs depending on the total number of items you wish to order.

How to order a total of 300 items or less?

  1. Log into VDRC website using your user name & password. If you do not have a user name yet please register first.

  2. You can search for the stocks / DNA constructs for the gene of interest by entering CG number, synonym or VDRC ID (using ’Quick Search’). For more detailed search please use the ’Advanced Stock Search Form’. If you want to order large number of stocks / DNA constructs you may find convenient to use ’Search File Upload’.

  3. Submit your order and check out by providing your credit card information.

  4. You will receive an email confirmation with the invoice attached in PDF format.

  5. You can review all your ordered stocks / DNA constructs in your Order History.

How to order more than 300 items?

The checkout will not be possible if there are more than 300 items in your shopping cart and you will not be able to proceed directly with your order. Your order will be automatically blocked at the checkout stage and the following message will be displayed:

"Your order has been automatically blocked because your shopping cart contains more than 300 items and it is not possible to checkout. To continue the ordering process with more than 300 items, please contact first and ask for a quote.
For further information see How to order stocks."

  1. Send us an email telling us the total number of lines you wish to order.

  2. Shortly after we receive your email, you will be contacted and receive a Purchase Order code which you will need during the ordering process. This PO code is valid (1) for a single PO, (2) for your VDRC account, (3) for the number of items which you informed us via email and (4) expires after six months.

  3. For payment by PO, please follow the instructions here:

PLEASE NOTE: Payment for orders of more than 300 items is currently possible by wire transfer only. It is not possible to pay by credit card.