Resources and Services

The Vienna Drosophila Resource Center (VDRC) is a non-profit bioresource center which aims to promote scientific discoveries in Drosophila. For this we offer a number of resources and services:


  • UAS-RNAi lines (GD, KK and shRNA libraries and toolkit stocks)
  • Plasmids used to create the GD lines (GD-DNA)
  • Vienna Tiles Enhancer Gal4 (VT-Gal4) driver lines
  • Tagged FlyFos TransgeneOme (fTRG) library
  • 'Other Resources' owned by other organizations and deposited with VDRC for maintenance and distribution, including mutant alleles, tagged constructs, RNAi lines and reporters.


  • Private stock keeping (we will maintain and distribute your personal fly stock/plasmid collection on your behalf)
  • Community stock center (VDRC is open to donations of highly used Drosophila stocks for distribution to the scientific community)
  • Fly Food